Photographers LOVE to help! Please know that it's ok to temporarily relocate items to make your space look larger, brighter or well, tidier. One displaced hand towel in the bathroom gives the viewer the idea that it was just used. An upright toilet seat or lid creates the same idea. Nothing personal, just presenting your space like you are considering a in a fine hotel. 
Mostly, a good laugh here is being offered with these photos. I know you are doing a fabulous job getting your home ready to be listed for sale...but just in case you've forgotten..

Simple fix...clean up before a photoshoot!

Too Much furniture confuses the Eye. Cat looks confused too!

I LOVE horses, but Please put your pets securely away before a shoot. 

At least there should have been a toilet lid! Hope that washer doesn't come loose while...?

A Drone is an easy fix for this one!

Last but not least...Enjoy a visit in town, stroll in the park, afternoon at the movies or time with a friend..but please don't try to hide from the photographer while they are doing their best to capture your beautiful home.  I've had to photoshop some of you lovely people out of my pics.


1st icon is "Highlight reel" (Like a slide show)

2nd icon is the "Play" button (Plays the walk-thru or panoramic slide show)

3rd icon : "Dollhouse" view. (just like looking at a dollhouse with the roof missing)

4th icon: Floorplan