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Hi, I'm Annie Cappelli.

Cheers! I am Annie Cappelli, Photographer, Painter, and Media Specialist. Abounding in creativity and utilizing my education in Computer design, Interactive Multimedia and Marketing for the Real Estate Photography platform. Painting and Sculpture have always been a strong pursuit in my life 

from a young age. As Technology grew, the demand for my illustrative skills did as well. The high-tech world however did not replace the Low-tech

world of Painting, Sculpture and Murals but rather enhanced the process of creativity. 


Educated in Canada for Fine Art and Documentary film at the Ontario College of Art & Design and Platt College of Computer Design and Marketing in San Diego, California. 


I enjoy the use of technology combined with an Artistic flare to showcase your fine home or event center. Utilizing the newest Matterport Pro2 camera to capture the reality of being there with the Nikon D750 Digital SLR to present the finest images. Challenges are met with enthusiasm and professionalism. Great care is taken with clients and premises, treasuring the opportunity to photograph and scan your property. A fast turn around time with impressive results ensure great communication and happy clients.

Public Murals, Fine Art Paintings, Sculpture, Pottery and Custom Tile installments make up much of my Creative time. With an emphasis on nature and living things from my home in Canada, my Ukrainian Heritage, Life in South Florida and Here in California these many years. 


Enjoying my work and travel, meeting new faces and greeting established

ones makes for a fabulous experience that continue to secure great clients!

Cheers to Creativity and the Awe-inspiring Beauty in Nature! 

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